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International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)-IJEEDC
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Volume-3, Issue-7  ( Jul, 2015 )
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Recent Trends Of Solar Cell Manufacturing In India And Development Needed
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Vishal D Dhareppagol, Poornima Narayanswamy, S Nagendraprasad, SMTR Radha
The National institute of Engineering (Autonomous Institute under VTU Belgaum), Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mysore, India
This article describes the solar cell manufacturing technology in India The design topology has numerous desirable features such as low cost, simple control, higher efficiency. India produces 156 mm pseudo square high efficiency Mono/Multi crystalline solar cells. The use of these cells have become necessity for solar PV module manufacturers. With the recent trends and technique of PV manufacturing it is unable to cross the efficiency line of 17% for PV modules. Thus there is a development need for next generation high efficiency PV cells which will be of thin silicon film wafers of 100μm or less with advanced methods of encapsulation. This paper describes the generic manufacturing process of solar cells and scope for future prospects. Keywords- Mono/Multi Crystalline Silicon Wafers, Diffusion, Texturisation, Multi-Junction Solar Cells (MJ).
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