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International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)-IJEEDC
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Volume-3, Issue-5  ( May, 2015 )
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Smart Vehicle With Gsm Alert System
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Kashish.Makhijani, Abhishek A Parmar, Kinjal S Parmar, Helly Y Rao
Assi prof. EC Dept., BITS Edu Campus, Students B.E.,BITS edu Campus
Smart vehicle with GSM alert system is a GPS tracking system which is required in many situations like in case of car theft detection. In an approximate survey, a huge number of vehicles are being theft in a month, and out of that, only a little number of vehicles are tracked, often in an-roadworthy conditions, with many components missing. So we decided our project on smart vehicle tracking system. In this project vehicle’s position is tracked using GPS module. Using a microcontroller and GSM, real time position of the vehicle is send to owner’s mobile. This system will protect user’s vehicle from theft. In case of stolen vehicle user can shut down engine by sending command to controller. Components in this system are GPS module, Microcontroller, GSM module, Accelerometer sensors. GPS module will send coordinates to the microcontroller. Microcontroller then sends this data to the user in text message via GSM module. This text message contains longitude and latitude of the location. By this system user can get minute-by-minute updates about vehicle location. We have added an additional feature with the vehicle tracking system that is the “Accident alert system”. This system works such as airbag sensor’s which are present in vehicles named as accelerometer sensors. This sensor’s, senses sudden vibration and sends the location to the user’s family members with an alert message. So in all the system is named as “SMART VEHICLE WITH GSM ALERT SYSTEM”. Keywords- GSM, GPS, ACCELEROMETER SENSOR, SOLENOID VALVE.
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