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International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)-IJEEDC
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Volume-3, Issue-5  ( May, 2015 )
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Video Enhancement Using Contourlet Transform And Bilateral Filter
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Gunjan R Shende, Preeti S. Topannavar
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, P.G. Student JSPM’s Imperial College Of Engineering and Research, Pune (M.H) India Assistant professor, JSPM’s Imperial College Of Engineering and Research, Pune (M.H)India
Resolution and contrast are the two important attributes of an image. In this paper we developed a method to enhance the quality of the given image. The enhancement is done both with respect to resolution and contrast. The proposed technique uses CT(Contourlet Transform) and BicubicInterpolation also we had used Bilateral filter for denoising. To increase the resolution of test image, the proposed method uses Contourlet Transform decompose the given image into Multiple sub-bands, out of which one is of low frequency and the rest are of high frequency. The Low freq components and Hfreqcomponents are interpolated using Bicubictechnique. Then find the difference image using interpolated LF and input image and add that difference image with all modified HF sub bands. We use Inverse ContourletTransform to combine the interpolated high frequency and low frequency components. To increase the contrast, we use adaptive filter. The experimental results show that proposed technique gives good results over conventional methods. Keywords:Frame separation, Bilateral filter, Contourlet Transform (CT), BicubicInterpolation, Adaptive filter, Reconstruction.
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