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International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)-IJEEDC
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Volume-11,Issue-7  ( Jul, 2023 )
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Ensuring The Security of Data in Wireless Sensor Network Using Blockchain Technology
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Pinki Kumari, Tp Sharma,Priyanka
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have emerged as a prominent technology for collecting and transmitting data in various domains such as environmental monitoring, healthcare, and industrial automation. However, the security of data in WSNs remains a significant concern due to the inherent vulnerabilities associated with their distributed and resourceconstrained nature. Traditional security mechanisms are often not proper to address the unique challenges posed by WSNs, necessitating the exploration of novel solutions. This research paper presents an innovative approach to ensuring the security of data in WSNs by leveraging Blockchain technology. Blockchain, initially developed as a decentralized ledger for cryptocurrencies, has gained recognition for its potential to enhance security and trust in various applications beyond finance. By combining the decentralized and tamper-resistant characteristics of Blockchain with the inherent features of WSNs, we propose a secure and efficient framework for data transmission and storage in WSNs. The proposed framework employs a distributed consensus mechanism to validate and authenticate data generated by sensor nodes. Each data transaction is recorded as a block in the Blockchain, forming an immutable and transparent chain of information. Through the integration of Blockchain technology, the proposed framework addresses crucial security challenges in WSNs, including data integrity, privacy, and resilience to attacks. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed framework, extensive simulations, and experiments are conducted. The performance metrics include data transmission from sensor nodes (SNs ) to Cluster Head (CH) then to Base station (BS) and security robustness by trial to access the blockchain from other accounts. The results demonstrate that the Blockchain-based approach offers improved data security compared to traditional methods while maintaining acceptable levels of efficiency and resource utilization in WSNs. Keywords - Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensor Nodes, Smart Contracts, Blockchain, and Data Security.
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