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International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)-IJEEDC
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Volume-10,Issue-12  ( Dec, 2022 )
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Comparative CFD Analysis of Reflex Airfoils
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Sanket V Kalgutkar, P Booma Devi
Abstract - In recent years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has vast areas of applications in the field such as defense, survey, monitoring, delivery and research. UAV should be highly efficient to be able to perform its objectives. One of the factors contributing to UAV’s efficiency is airfoils. Reflex airfoils are used in tailless UAV configuration also known as flying wing UAV since moment about aerodynamic center of airfoil of the wing is zero. The objective of this paper is to compare different reflex airfoils viz. S5010, MH60, MH45, Eppler 387 and CLARKYH through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis using ANSYS Fluent. The airfoil is designed in CATIA using airfoil coordinates. The design is then exported in ANSYS workbench for analysis. The model used is SST k-w with chord of airfoil as 300mm for the analysis at Re less than 4 x 105.The change in lift and drag coefficient and lift to drag ratio of these five airfoils were visualized and compared for different angle of attack at constant reynolds number to identify best among them. S5010 is identified to be most effective airfoil when compared among the five. Its (Cl/Cd) max ratio is 40.6581 at 6-degree angle of attack and lift coefficient is maximum with a value of 0.3237 at 11-degree angle of attack. Keywords - S5010, UAV, CFD, ANSYS.
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