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International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)-IJEEDC
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Volume-10,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2022 )
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NFDM – Analysis Through Simulation
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Maheshwari, Akhila S
Abstract - The nonlinearity of optical fiber systems is believed to be the main limiting factor that declines the performance at high signal powers. This project primarily investigates the use of fiber nonlinearity in a constructive way, rather than treating it as a problem. Through simulation we tried to come up with a unified method for communication over optical fiber networks using NFDM software suite in Windows environment. Further we analyzed the performance parameters of optic link like spectral efficiency, EVM, bit error ratio for NFDM systems with pre – compensation technique. The simulations were carried out with the open-source software environment NFDMlab, which uses FNFT, a software library to compute NFTs and INFTs. The NFDM (de-) modulator modules utilize the C software library FNFT to compute (inverse) NFTs, which is interfaced using the Python wrapper. We successfully built a working environment in Windows platform. Used Anaconda distribution package. In this project simulation are carried out to see higher data rate of NFDM systems by increasing the number of modulated nonlinear subcarriers along with the application of a pre-compensation technique. As a result, a record-high data rate up to 200 Gb/s and spectral efficiency (SE) over 3.72 bits/s/Hz in burst-mode, single-polarization NFDM transmissions were achieved over 976 km of standard single mode fiber (SSMF) with 222 64-QAM-modulated nonlinear subcarriers simultaneously. Keywords - Fiber-optic Communication, Nonlinear Frequency Division Multiplexing, Nonlinear Fourier Transform, Dispersion Decreasing Fiber, Nonlinear Fourier Transform.
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