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Volume-1,Issue-1  ( Mar, 2013 )
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Death Reduction In Accidents Systems Using Embedded Tool Kit In Lab View
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C. Sivaprakash, P. Muthukumaran
Instrumentation and Control Engineering Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Sairam engineering college, Chenna
Each vehicle has a transponder - the RFID (active) tag which have its driver details, model, registration number etc., as the data to be transmitted. So each vehicle actual communicates with other vehicles. A proximity sensor is placed in front of the vehicle so the distance of nearness is found this is given as input to a LPC 2148 .It is connected to a pneumatic brake system. The LPC 2148 checks for the condition if the vehicle is at a safe distance from the nearest automobile no action is done or otherwise when distance between the two vehicles is below 3 meters for highway roads, 1-2 meters in traffic a alert is made to both the drivers .if intermediate distance decreases further LPC 2148 sends a signal which results in applying pneumatic brakes. In order to keep in check the formation of co gas formation in air conditioning a co sensor is installed at important places .This will also help us in detecting fire but to obtain a complete protection from fire we need a fire sensor. If the level of co increases more than 400ppm or the heat levels go to dangerous level brakes are applied. Surveillance of each vehicle is also possible in RFID technology that to in a minimal cost. Power needed is very low, maintenance needed is very less, can work in harsh environments.
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