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Volume-6,Issue-5  ( May, 2018 )
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Drawing Inferences about the Condition of Stray Dogs using the Concepts of AI and Computer Vision
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Hemant Rakesh, Nalini N.
Student, NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore-560064 Professor, NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore-560064
This paper helps draw inferences about the condition of stray dogs with respect to their health, nutrition level and shelter. Stray dog data from Ministry of Agriculture, 19th Livestock Census, 2012, population data from Census 2011, central Delhi has 36.9 stray dogs per 1000 people, while all other districts in Delhi have fewer than 4. The stray dogs can be helped using the ongoing technological methods, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision on sensors in order to detect the health and nutrition level/metabolic rate of the stray dog(s) according to AAFCO and NRC guidelines and sending the data to their respective Animal Welfare Association (like CUDA, PETA, PFA, etc) from our database. The same above procedure is followed for stray dogs that are not a part of any Animal Welfare Associations; the data is presented on social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for the adoption and welfare of the harmless being. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Sensors, AAFCO, NRC
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