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Volume-5, Issue-3  ( Jul, 2017 )
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Aerodynamic Characteristic Analysis of a NACA 0012 Wing Section with Trailing Edge Modification
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Rahul Agarwal, J.K. Vishwajeeth, E.T. Chullai
Aeronautical Engineering Department, Hindustan University, Chennai, India
This paper is concerned with the study of aerodynamic performance of a wing section with trailing edge modification in the form of serrations. Research work has been done earlier for the study of acoustic performance of the application of trailing edge modifications in airfoils, but little light has been shone on the aerodynamic performance of such a wing section. This study presents computational results of a NACA 0012 base wing with the trailing edge modified to incorporate saw tooth serrations. The aerodynamic performance of the serrations incorporated wing was investigated at lower Reynolds number. The modified wing section was designed using the Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software Unigraphics NX and was anatomized using SOLIDWOKS Flow Simulation. The steady aerodynamic force coefficients, i.e. the lift coefficient and the drag coefficient , have been measured over a wide range of angles of attack (α). The lift and drag coefficients play a strong role in the performance analysis of aircraft wing sections, which make them the fundamental quantities in this paper. The results have shown eloquent change in the aerodynamic behavior of the wing section. It has been observed that the serrations can significantly delay the stalling angles of the wing section while ameliorating the aerodynamic lift of the wing section by keeping the overall shape of coefficient of lift versus angle of attack(α) curve unaltered. Keywords - NACA 0012, Saw tooth serrations, Aerodynamic Performance, Reynolds number.
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