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Volume-5,Issue-1 (2017)  ( Jan, 2017 )
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Hybrid Framework as a Cross Platform Tool For Designing and Developing a Mobile Application Serving the Internship Program Management
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Shutchapol Chopvitayakun
Facultyof Science and Technology, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
The number of mobile users trespassed the number of computer users since the cost of mobile phone production has been declined and the performance of mobile device hardware has been improved increasingly. Moreover, theversatility andutility of wireless communication are very essential for users in their daily lives. These trendsare still moving on and there is no sign to slow down. However, mobile phone operating system has been divided into 2 major platforms: Android and iOS and a very small percentage for other operating systems. Each application has to run on its platform and itmust be created discretely by a few native designing and developing tools. Nevertheless, there are some hybrid tools compatible with almost every operating systems in term of designing user interface and user experience. Moreover, they have capability of creating programing codes and packaged them as a native-like mobile application regardless of mobile platform. This study deployed 3 hybrid frameworks: Apache Cordova, Ionic and AngularJSwhich arevery suitable for designing and developing a mobile application focusing on iOS. This mobile applicationwas designated to help and manage the internship program of senior students from Information Technology program, Faculty of Science and Technology. Business processes and logics of this application are based on the criteria and requirements regarding the internship program. Keywords: Mobile Phone Application, Hybrid Framework Tool, Internship Program, Mobile Operating System
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