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Volume-5,Issue-1 (2017)  ( Jan, 2017 )
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Effect of Dried Pumpkin Powder on Physical, Chemical, and Sensory Properties of Noodle
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Nuntaporn Aukkanit, Supatchalee Sirichokworrakit
Faculty of Science and Technology, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University,Bangkok, 10300, Thailand
The objective of this study was to substitute wheat flour with dried pumpkin powder in the process of noodle production. Eexperiments of this research were performed with different kinds of dryer and different levels of temperature (a tray dryer (75C), single and double drum dryer (120C and 130C)). The result showed that drying temperature and drying method affect qualities of pumpkin powder. Using a double drum dryer at 130C in order to dry pumpkin powder, this drying method has better qualities (color, moisture content and water activity) than other methods. Chemical compositions of pumpkin powder, 0.38 of water activity, 5.70 g/100g of moisture content, 4.63 g/100g of fat, 9.65 g/100g of protein, 2.96 g/100g of ash, 77.06 g/100g of carbohydrate and 11,093.66 g/100 of beta-carotene. Substitution of wheat flour with dried pumpkin powder in noodle was prepared at different amounts of wheat flour to pumpkin powder (0, 10, 20 and 30% w/w). Apparently, It was found that the large quantities of dried pumpkin powder could affect physical, chemical and sensory characteristics of noodle. Ash content of noodle was increased when adding dried pumpkin powder and it increased the mineral in the noodle. Color of dried pumpkin powder noodle was lower in lightness, higher in redness and yellowness than the control sample. Cooking quality was changed when adding dried pumpkin powder, the cooking time decreased whereas cooking loss and water absorption increased. The noodle with dried pumpkin powder had higher hardness and lower elasticity (tensile strength and breaking length) than the noodle without dried pumpkin powder. The optimal level at 20% substitution of wheat flour with dried pumpkin powder gave the sensory score overall acceptability. It is not different from the control sample. Keywords- Dried Pumpkin Powder, Noodle, Noodle Characteristic, Texture, Sensory.
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