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Volume-3, Issue-3, Spl. Iss-2  ( Sep, 2015 )
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Automatic Pet Feeder
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Manoj M
Most of us have pets at home, some have the patience to feed them regularly but some don’t. So taking care of them during our busy schedule is one of the main problem in maintainingpets. We even have to worry about them when we leave our home for some days. I have come up with an idea called “automatic pet feeder”. It is a device which feeds food at regular intervals; all the timings are preprogrammed in the program of the microcontroller. It has two knobs and one dc motor. The first knob controls the timing intervals in which the food has to be fed and another knob controls the timing of opening and closing of food outlet. A dc motor is used to open and close the food outlet. A buzzer is used to indicate that food is being fed. There are chances for food getting stuck in its journey; to avoid this vibrating dc motor is used. The working is explained as follows. At first we have to load food into the feeder column, select the timing required in both the knobs and reset the microcontroller. As soon as the microcontroller resets, the food is released based on the timing of the two knobs. I got this idea of this project is when I had gone on a holiday for a week, when I returned home I saw most of my fishes died so I thought this might be a worthy product in the market.
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