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International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT)-IJASEAT
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Volume-11,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2023 )
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A System Dynamics Model for Marine Pollution in the Marmara Sea
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Eylul Damla Gonul Sezer, Duygun Fatih Demirel
The aim of this study is to simulate the pollution level in the Marmara Sea. The main pollution factor is determined as total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) loads within the sea created by discharge of wastes with high nutritional value, and it has drawn the boundary of the context. For modelling, the causes of TN and TP are examined and a System Dynamics (SD) simulation model is proposed accordingly. Then, considering the flow characteristics of the Marmara Sea, TN and TP values in the sea are tried to be reproduced. The model is run until 2040, and it shows that how population growth, industry and other urban activities around the Marmara Sea will affect the amount of organic pollutants in the sea throughout 2040 if no action is taken by the decision makers. Keywords - Marine, Pollution, System Dynamics, Wastewater, Simulation
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