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Volume-9,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2021 )
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Analysis on the Seasonal Variation of Water Quality Parameters in Buriganga River, Bangladesh
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Dewan Hasin Mahtab, Khondker Nabil Mahmood
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IUTBoard Bazar, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Water is one of the most essential resources of this modern civilization. From drinking purposes to recreational uses, demand for fresh quality water has increased substantially throughout the past few decades. Many developing countries are still suffering due to the lack of access to potable water. Water pollution has also increased up to a great extent as household wastes, industrial wastes and also agricultural waste are dumped into the major rivers which is adversely affecting the aquatic environment of the rivers. Buriganga river situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh is facing such unfavorable conditions as the ecosystem near this river is completely disrupted due to the continuous dumping of pollutants. The purpose of this research is to analyze the conditions of the aquatic ecosystem due to the pollution caused by the discharging of wastes into the river. Water Samples used for this research were collected in 2019-2020 for both wet and dry seasons. The samples were then analyzed for various physiochemical parameters which includes temperature, BOD5, COD, pH, NH3-N, total suspended solids and dissolved oxygen. The values obtained from these samples are later compared with the water quality standards set in Environmental Conservation Rule (ECR) 1997 by Department of Environment (DOE). Keywords - Buriganga River, Water Quality, River Pollution, Physiochemical Parameters, Wet Season, Dry Season.
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