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International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT)-IJASEAT
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Volume-8,Issue-4  ( Oct, 2020 )
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The Online Medicine Apps: Can they Sometimes Substitute the Treatment done by Real Doctors?
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Mitrajsinh J. Chudasama, Bhavinkumar Navadiya
Uratom Solar(India) Pvt. LTD.-360311, Rajkot , Gujarat , India.
The online medical applications were not invented as the replacement of medical doctors’ treatment tasks but as the epitome of technology in medicine and public health (Alamoodi et al. 2020). Medical apps enhance the transformation of practice in the clinical field. The objective of this invention was inspired by the fact that the computer and mobile devices are available within the healthcare settings (Alamoodi et al., 2020). There have been debates, whether the online applications should be used to replace the actual job doctors; however, this depends on the understanding of the usage of the devices from a personal point of view. The results of the statistical and theoretical analysis indicate that there was a significant difference in the level of satisfaction among patients who physically visited and were treated by the doctor compared to those who only relied on online medical applications. The findings indicate that despite online medical applications significantly improving the healthcare sector, they cannot replace all the tasks that are performed by a doctor. Keywords - Epitome of Technology, Medical Apps, Mobile Devices, Significant Difference, Improving Health Sector, Not Replacement of Doctor
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