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Volume-8,Issue-3  ( Jul, 2020 )
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The Impacts of Climate Change on the Dynamics Energy from 1959 to 2014 - River El Klab in the Sigus Plain Oum El Bouaghi - Algeria
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Ramoul Sihem
University Batna 2Faculty of Science department of science of the earth and the universe Algeria
This paper talks about the impacts of climate in the energy of river El Klab, from 1959 to 2014 essentially based on historical maps and the formulas. The section studied (13, 42 km long) is mostly situated in the alluvial plain of Sigus in the region of Oum el Bouaghi. During the 55 years of this period the position of El klab river has evolved. The evolution of fluvial dynamics of this river part has influenced the change form. The development of meander by the regressive erosion in the upstream party and the very active elaboration of meander by the extension of the bed of river in the party is approval (downstream). Some reasons of this change have already been identified. They concern the human impact, the changes of the conditions hydraulics, recalibration of the bed of river in the zone urbanized (Sigus) in the average part for deprived the flood risk in translate the phenomena of erosion downstream, the rate of side erosion in summer considered the 1,10 m / years. . Keywords - The Impacts of Climate, Sigus Plain; Dynamics; Erosion Ratio; Hydraulics Conditions, Algeria.
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