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International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT)-IJASEAT
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Volume-8,Issue-3  ( Jul, 2020 )
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Isolation of Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from Noni Fruit Waste
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Rahmawati Semaun, A.Mujnisa, Asmuddin Natsir, Syamsuddin Hasan
Hasanuddin University, Indonesia Animals Science Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
One method to reduce the excessive use of chemical fertilizer in the agricultural sector is to utilize organic fertilizer that supplies the soil nutrient for the plants. Organic fertilizer serves to improve soil structure since the organic matter is capable of fixating the soil particle to generate excellent aggregates, improving the soil pore size distribution to maximize the soil absorption capacity and soil aeration.Nitrogen and phosphate are two essential nutrients in any stage of plant's life cycle. However, the availability of these nutrients are frequently low in the soil. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria are able to solubilize inorganic phosphate by releasing organic acids such as formic acid, acetate, propionate, lactate, glycolate, fumarate, and succinate [16]. In addition to phosphate solubilizing bacteria, nitrogen-fixating bacteria also have the capability of improving the efficient use of available nitrogen in the soil. The bacteria use nitrogen for the synthesis of protein cell where the protein will be mineralized in the soil after the bacteria are decomposed. In such a method, the bacteria contributed positively to the nitrogen availability in plants. The use of biological nitrogen-fixating and phosphate solubilizing bacteria contained in the noni fruit waste could promote the plant's growth by increasing the N and P nutrient's availability. This study aims to collect nitrogen-fixating and phosphate solubilizing bacteria to improve the quality and growth of forages. Keywords - Bacteria, Nitoren, Phospate, Noni
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