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Volume-3, Issue-1  ( Jan, 2015 )
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Performance Analysis Of 110 TR Screw Chiller Plant
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R.C.Choksi, A.D. Parekh
B.Tech graduate from SVNIT, Associate Professor at SVNIT
Screw chiller plants are important constituents of any medium or large scale manufacturing industry. Hence evaluating its performance at certain intervals is vital for its proper functioning. The case study involves the performance analysis of a 110 TR screw chiller plant at Tata Motors Limited, Sanand, Gujarat. The screw chiller plant under study is installed for the Engine Assembly shop. To evaluate the performance of the plant various parameters are recorded for different components of planti. E- compressor, chiller, condenser and the cooling tower for a period of 14 days. By applying required governing equations, the performance parameters viz. refrigeration effect, power consumed by compressor, coefficient of performance(COP) and energy efficiency ratio(EER) have been computed. The results have been compared with design values supplied by manufacturer and also suitable recommendations have been made to improve the performance of the plant. Keywords- Chiller, COP, Refrigeration Effect, Condenser, Screw Compressor
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