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Volume-7,Issue-2, Spl. Iss-1  ( May, 2019 )
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CFD Instraction Guide to Simulate Two-Phase Flow Separation in A Vertical T-Junnction Separator
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Raid Ahmed Mahmood
Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region, Iraq Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences, University of Southern Queensland Queensland, Australia
Two-phase flow separation has been investigated by many researchers due to its important role in the most industrial applications. In refrigeration and air conditioning systems, two-phase flow separation influence the system performance. So, many techniques have been used to separate liquid phase from gas-liquid two phase flow and consequently to improve a system performance. T-junction is one of the techniques that can be used to obtain effective two-phase separation. In order to investigate the two-phase flow separation in very simple way and obtain wide accurate range of results, computational work is the appropriate solution. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software is one of the most effective computational way that can be used to visualise two-phase flow separation and design two-phase flow separator. This paper presents an instruction of CFD simulation to predict and visualize the two-phase flow separation in vertical Tjunction and a comparison between the CFD results with the related experimental results to validate the CFD results. ANSYS 17.1 was used to carry out the simulation. The geometry of the T-junction was generated by the ANSYS modular design based on the dimensions of experimental test section, then lunched to the ANSYS meshing to generate a suitable mesh. Keywords - Two-Phase Flow, Two-Phase Separation, Vertical T-junction, ANSYS Fluent 17.1, Visualize Two-phase Flow.
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