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Volume-7,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2019 )
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Environmental and Energy Efficiency Efforts along with Creating Shared Value to The Community: An Initiative from Manufacturing Industry of Cement Tonasa, Pangkep - South Sulawesi, Indonesia
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Dewi Permatasari, Iswahyudi, Magdalena Sumule, Bambang Eko Prasetyo, Bambang Haryanto
Environmental Professional – Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Manager of Line-4 Kiln & Coal Mill Operation, PT Semen Tonasa– Semen Indonesia Group Head of Environmental Bureau, PT Semen Tonasa – Semen Indonesia Group Director of Finance , PT Semen Tonasa – Semen Indonesia Group Director of Production, PT Semen Tonasa – Semen Indonesia Group
Semen Tonasa is one of Indonesian Cement Manufacturing Industry which plays an important role in construction development in Eastern Indonesia. As a consequence of industrial activities, the impact on the environment is a must to be reduced. Thus it is very crucial for the environmental-behaved team to reduce and also manage the environmental impactsaround the industrial area. Over the last decade, Semen Tonasa has initiated several programs that cover environmental aspects, not only in physical aspects but also in social and diversity aspects. Some programsare pioneersinthe application of technological innovation, such as the Utilization of Biomass as an alternative energy that can be contribute to emission reductions, as it is registered in carbon trading flexibility mechanism. There is also utilization of hazardous waste of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash (FABA) with an introduction of eco-friendly technology. Replacement of new equipment is sometimes also applied to produce better energy efficiency output. For water and wastewater applications, there is an optimization of recyclable water utilization and reuse of treated wastewater. The most underlined sustainable program is the combinations with Creating Shared Value (CSV) of the surrounding community, such as Bank Sampah and Rumah Baca Taraweang Hijau (waste management and children capacity building), SekolahImpian (dream school for elementary student in remote area), utilization of post-mining land for rice fields, and also socio-nature conservation in PangkepGeopark. Considering the complexity of the processes, together with efforts to create the most significant environmental sustainability, Cement Tonasa aims to become one of the leading cement industries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the future. Hopefully, this paper presents the spirit of environmental preservation not only in the cement industries but also for all related sector. Keywords - Semen Tonasa, Environmental Efforts, and Sustainable Development Goals.
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