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International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE)-IJAMCE
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Volume-4,Issue-5  ( Oct, 2017 )
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Route Optimization for Delivery of Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC): A Literature Review
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Jishnu Gohel, Debasis Sarkar, H.B.Raghavendra
Research Scholar Department of Civil Engineering PDPU, Assoc. Prof. and Head Department of Civil Engineering PDPU, Director SOT, PDPU
Ready mixed concrete industry requires a lot of optimization in today’s world and Route optimization is one of the prime factors today. Generally, the plant owners have five to six owned trucks and in case of higher demands, they rent two to three additional trucks. Some plant owners do not own a single RMC truck and rent all of them as may be necessary. But because of increasing demand of RMC due to infrastructure growth and plant owners having limited number of trucks, route optimization has become of prime importance and this work tries to focus upon the literature documentation of the studies carried out till date. Index Terms - Route Optimization, Ready Mixed Concrete, .
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