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International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE)-IJAMCE
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Volume-2, Issue-4  ( Aug, 2015 )
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Determination Of Traffic Safety With Methods Alternative To Traditional Methods
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Coruhemine, Tortum Ahmet
Department of Civil Engineering College of Engineering and Natural Sciences Gumushane University, Gumushane, 29100, Turkey Department of Civil Engineering College of Engineering Ataturk University, Erzurum, 25240, Turkey
Abstract- Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die in traffic accidents and millions are injured worldwide. In Turkey, more than 5 thousand people die in traffic accidents and 200 thousandpeople get serious injured every year. When indirect losses in the society (disabilities occurring as a result of accidents, social and psychological pain caused by deaths or injuries) are also added to the great economic losses, which are caused by these accidents, it is obvious that no countries can be indifferent to traffic accidents.Traditionally, the numbers of casualties and accidents are explained with the proportional terms such as the number of casualties per kilometer traveled, per the number of registered vehicles or per population. However, these proportions cannot help us so much to examine the degree or level of the road traffic safety. Especially over the recent years, several indicators have started to be determined for examining the factors that influence the accidents and making comparison easily. Indicators, which provide a more detailed view, may carry the advantage of determining the problem before the results of the accidents.Together with this study, the factors which influence the transportation safety of 81 cities in Turkey were firstly analyzed for 2010 through the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). After the determination of the efficiency of the cities with this analysis, they were put in order with the Super-efficiency (Andersen and Petersen-AP) method. Secondly, variables were analyzed with the Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) and cities were put in order. Then, the city orders were compared to the orders defined by the traditional method. An attempt was made to reveal the similarities and differences of the cities according to the analysis methods. Keywords- AHP, DEA, Traffic Accidents, Traditional Methods, Turkey.
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