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International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE)-IJAMCE
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Volume-10,Issue-5  ( Oct, 2023 )
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Application of Constructing Groins on the Coastal Environmental Conditions and Sustainable Development of Dahanehsar Sefidrood Beaches
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Homayoun Irankhah Darestani, Mehdi Nezhadnaderi
With the increase in sea construction, the use of protective structures is an environmental concern to prevent their instability in the marine environment. Offshore protection structures are used to reduce the turbulence around marine structures to prevent scour that is used in offshore engineering. In this study, flow computational simulation of flow around groins in Dahanehsar Sefidrood located in Guilan province, Iran was investigated using computational fluid dynamics method. With the construction of the groins structure, the velocity between the groins slows down and allows for more sediment accumulation. The negative pressure on the west side of the western groin also decreased and reached a positive value and shifted from erosion potential to sedimentation potential. There is a negative pressure at the tip of the western part of the groin that will cause local scour and need protection. Keywords - Environmental Impacts, Erosion, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Turbulence, Dahanehsar Sefidrood
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