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International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE)-IJAMCE
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Volume-10,Issue-5  ( Oct, 2023 )
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Optimization of Pavement Structure and Reliability-Based Design
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Primož Jelušič, Bojan Žlender, Stojan Kravanja, Tomaž Žula
This paper presents two different approaches to the optimal design of pavement structures. This study discusses the project data where geosynthetic reinforced flexible pavements perform better than conventional flexible pavements. In addition, the optimal design solutions for conventional pavement structures were investigated in terms of failure probability. The results of the study allow a direct comparison between geosynthetic-reinforced and unreinforced flexible pavement structures once they are optimized. The sensitivity analysis showed that the ESALs are the most important parameter for the optimal cost of a pavement design. The ESALs are also the most important parameter in determining the asphalt layer thickness and the type of pavement structure. Only the thickness of the unbound layer is determined by the frost penetration depth. In addition, the failure probability results allow an assessment of which important elements of the pavement structure should be modified to reduce the probability of failure. This is particularly suitable for road construction, since "probability of failure" in case of pavement structure really just means reduced usability and shorter lifespan, so we can afford to take a higher risk. Keywords - Pavement, Geosynthetic reinforcement, Optimization; Genetic algorithm; Failure probability
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