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Volume-10,Issue-5  ( Oct, 2023 )
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Selection of Canal Lining Over Types of Embankment Soil of Canal
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Shivangi Singh, Rakesh Varma, D.S Ray
Canals transport water from lakes, rivers, etc., to human use like irrigation and water supply in urban areas. Canal construction is too costly an affair. Seepage loss accounts for nearly 23% to 47% through its bed and sides of the canal. To improve the efficiency water carrying capacity of the canal, different types of lining are provided over the bed and sides of canals to make the bed and sides impervious which will improve the life and discharge of the canal. Canal lining obstructs water flow through the bed and sides. Canal linings are constructed with different materials such as compacted earth, cement, concrete, plastics, boulders, bricks, etc. Seepage loss mainly depends on soil characteristics of which sides and beds of canals have been constructed. Many types of canal lining are used based on the characteristics of the soil, permeability of the soil, and fund available. The average permeability of soil was found 6.5×10−3cm/sec which is silt soil. The best-suited lining of the Indira Canal is brick lining if the fund available is less or CC lining if sufficient fund is available. Keywords - Permeability, Lining, Seepage, Soil characteristics.
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