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Volume-6,Issue-4   ( Aug, 2019 )
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Infiltration Studies of Black Cotton Soils under Different Soil Conditions and Comparison of Infiltration Models with Field Data
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Katkar Namrata, Korake Swapnali, Thite Trupti, Waghmode Tejasvi, Satyawan Jagdale, Shrikrishna Gosavi
Student, Civil Engg. Dept. SVERI’S College of Engineering Pandharpur /Solapur University, India ASST.PROF., Civil Engg. Dept. SVERI’S College of Engineering Pandharpur /Solapur University, India
Infiltration is the procedure by way of which water at the ground surface enters the soil. Infiltration rate in soil technology means a measure of the rate at which soil is able to absorb rainfall. This steady infiltration rate of black cotton soil underneath special soil situations was calculated at Gopalpur, district Solapur of Maharashtra region. Soil situations considered for black cotton soil had been compacted, ploughed, and harrowed. The double ring infiltrometer approach is used for the size of the infiltration rate. The examiner aimed to determine fixed infiltration rate of black cotton soil below exceptional soil situations and comparing it with the infiltration quotes acquired via Kostiakov, modified Kostiakov, Horton's and inexperienced-Ampt infiltration models. The values of various constants of the models are calculated using the approach of averages counseled through Davis (1943), and via graphical technique. For buying becoming an exceptional model for black cotton soil and soil condition, the effects acquired from different infiltration models have been in comparison with observed field statistics and graphs have been drawn. The parameters taken into consideration for models are correlation coefficient and standard error. The consequences are shown that the Horton's model and green – Ampt version were great becoming to located field data to estimate infiltration rate at any given time with an excessive degree of correlation coefficient and standard error. Keywords - Double ring Infiltrometer, Infiltration, Infiltration Rate, Infiltration Models, Soil Conditions
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