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Volume-6,Issue-1  ( Feb, 2019 )
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Studying the Effect of Elevated Temperatures on A Designed RC Structure of A Hotel
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Hamza Hamida, Anas Demyati, Al-Hassan Maghrabi, Mohammed Al-Osta
Construction Engineering and Management Department, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
The purpose of this research paper was to design and analyze a five-story hotel building. The structure of the building was designed using cast in place reinforced concrete members, and two different slab systems (solid slabs and flat slabs). Both systems were subjected to high temperatures in different sections of the building. The effect of high temperatures on the redistribution of stresses was studied and analyzed. The structural design for both systems was performed according to local and international standards. Specific data related to conducted experimental researches was considered to be used in the study of the effect of elevated temperatures on the structural systems. The adopted software in the structural analysis and design was STAAD PRO. It was used to study the effect of elevated temperatures on the behavior both structural systems by observing the change in the required area of steel for specific structural elements located at different locations. The results revealed that the obtained design for both structural systems from STAAD PRO is safe. Moreover, the behavior of both structural systems under elevated temperature conditions indicates that the location of a structural element and the type of the applied temperature load are the major factors affecting the redistribution of the stresses and convert structures from safe to unsafe. Keywords- Reinforced Concrete Structure, Elevated Temperatures, STAAD PRO, Solid Slabs, Flat Slabs.
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