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Volume-5,Issue-5  ( Oct, 2018 )
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Analysis on Relative Efficiency of Industrial Complex by Types using DEA Model
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Park, Hwan-Yong, Choi, Myoungsub
Professor of Urban Planning, Gacheon University OF KOREA SCO Construction Economics Center, Senior Researcher, CATHOLIC UNIVERITY OF KOREA
This paper analyzed the relative efficiency of industrial complex by various types using DEA Model. For this analysis, the output and exports of 287 industrial complexes at 2017 were used as a output variables, and industrial land area and number of employees at the same year was used as input variables. The result of the relative efficiency of industrial complex by various types are as follows. The relative efficiency of industrial complexes are affected mainly by types and operating period of industrial complexes. For the types of industrial complexes, the most efficient industrial complex was Urban high-tech industrial complex, and followed by National industrial complex and General industrial complex. Therefore, high-tech and government support for industrial complexes will be needed in order to increase efficiency of industrial complex. For the operation period of industrial complexes, the relative efficiencies are increased with increase of operation period. In order to maximize the regeneration effect of the old industrial complex, it is necessary to apply the efficiency as a priority item of the old industrial complex regeneration project. Keywords - Data Envelopment Analysis, Industrial Complex, Old Industrial Complex, Relative efficiency, Local Economy
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