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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-4,Issue-8  ( Aug, 2017 )
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Weaknesses in Creativity Support Tools For Visual Artists
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Aseel Al-Shehab
CCS Software Engineering Department UTS Australia
Making Technologies that support creativity has been a challenge to HCI researchers in the last decades. Although many Creativity Support Tools (CSTs) have been made, however, they have not reached an optimal stage. In addition, so far there is no research that specializes in enhancing creativity support tools for visual arts in specific. Hence, this research has been established for this purpose. And this paper shows that CSTs for visual artists have been investigated for weaknesses, along with the identified solutions. In this study, six research subjects have been asked to participate. They were asked about software tools they used, how they used it, and the degree to which those tools supported creativity. The aim was to find weaknesses in those tools in regards to supporting creativity. In addition, a framework was used in the study, which was comprised of three concepts/models of creativity; Shneiderman’s creative activities which need to occur in order for a CST to support creativity, Resnick’s approach for learning that helps people develop their small-c creativity, and Carroll’s Creativity Support features used to measure creativity support. The results of the study showed that there existidentified weaknesses in the currently used CSTs by visual artists. It is concluded in this research that there are proposed solutions to those weaknesses, by makingspecific changes to the current software tools,as well as applying additional features to help support creativity. Keywords - Creativity Support Tools, User Interface Design, Environments for Creativity Support, Creativity Supporting User Interfaces, Computer Art, Innovation, Creativity.
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