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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-4,Issue-8  ( Aug, 2017 )
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Impletentation of 3D Approach in Playfair Cipher
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Ashish, Anil Kumar Pandey
Student Scholar, Department of Computer Science, Invertis University, Bareilly HOD, Department of computer science, invertis university, Bareilly
In this paper we describe the 3D(5*5*5) playfair cipher . that contains alphabets, numerals and special characters during its transmission. Here 3D-Playfair Cipher (5*5*5 ) which works on trigraph(combination of 3 alphabets) rather than using digraph(combination of 2 alphabets) which eliminates the fact that a diagram and its reverse will encrypt in a similar fashion. 3D-Playfair cipher supports all 26 upper case alphabets {A-Z}, 26 lower case alphabet{a-z}, 10 digits {0-9} and 63 special characters which eliminate the limitation of classical Playfair in which ā€œiā€ and ā€œjā€ both characters cannot appear at the same time. The security of 3D-Playfair is more than the classical playfair cipher by improving the complexity. Various types of cryptography attacks have been taken under consideration for original Playfair cipher but not vulnerable for this proposed cipher. Keywords - 3D Playfair Cipher , Trigraph
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