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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-4,Issue-7  ( Jul, 2017 )
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Modelling of Nano Photonics by Gap Solitons in Axially Uniform Fibres and Sophisticated Quantum Communication Techniques for Wireless Wan Networks
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Manush Nandan, Narendiran
The way of using photons as a beam of light for the faster transfer of data is photonics. The main objective of this paper is to effectively model the Nano photonics and to develop a model for quantum communication between Wirelesses WAN. The photonic crystals as a peculiar character by moulding the flow of light in various ways which can lead to a variety of sophisticated and enhanced designs of optical Nano materials and Nano devices in the field of photonics. One example is considered: A cylindrical photonic crystal fiber is designed in such a way that it can exhibit all optical switching without the axial periodicity using nonlinear materials. It is proved that this property arises from the unique structural design of the cylindrical photonic crystal guided mode dispersion relation, and can lead to noteworthy improvements in operating power usage, device size requirements and manufacturing ease making such a system perfect for integrating all optical signal processing. A quantum routing mechanism is proposed to transport a quantum state from one quantum device to another wirelessly even though these two devices do not share EPR pairs mutually. This results in the proposed quantum routing mechanism that can be used to construct the quantum wireless networks. In terms of time complexity, the proposed mechanism transports a quantum bit in time almost the same as the quantum teleportation does regardless of the number of hops between the source and destination. From this point of view, the quantum routing mechanism is close to optimal in data transmission time. In addition, in order to realize the wireless communication in the quantum domain, hierarchical network architecture and its corresponding communication protocol are developed. Based on these network components, a scalable quantum wireless communication can be achieved. Index terms - Nano photonics, Waveguide, Gap soliton, Polarisation, Photonic crystal, Core, Cladding, EPR pair, quantum routing, quantum teleportation.
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