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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-2,Issue-11  ( Nov, 2015 )
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Implementation Of Highly Automated UAV With GPS For Product Delivery Using Lab view
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K.S.Dhanalakshmi, S.Karthika, P.Saravanakumar, A.Jacinth Emril
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kalasalingam University, (Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education) Krishnankoil ,Virudhunagar dt, 626126
This paper represents to design the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) which is used for product delivery purpose and also it can greatly reduce the labour in commercial purpose. The UAV is capable of sustained without a human operator onboard which can be controlled by autonomously. In this active world, the product does not reach the consumer in time due to some bad infrastructure (such as, traffic).in order to rectify the drawback here the UAV is used for delivery purpose. The product is delivered to the consumer based on barcode (every barcode has its own address based on latitude & longitude). The scanner in the UAV, scan the barcode and fix the destination with the help of GPS and also it can track its current position and to control it with the help of Android Apps through satellite control. Finally the acknowledgement is send to both consumer as well as supplier through GSM. Lab VIEW – used to create database and to monitor the UAV. Here additionally implemented the Intruded avoidance Method. It can also deliver the consumer product even to the urban areas setting without against any type of infrastructure. After the delivery process is successfully completed. The UAV is return back to its starting place. Keywords - UAV, Barcode, GPS, Scanner, Easy Pilot, Autonomous Flight, Home Delivery, Android Device, Lab VIEW Software.
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