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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-2, Issue-8  ( Aug, 2015 )
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Implementation Of An Image Steganography Technique Using X(X-Or)-Box Mapping
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Prasannakumar Patil, Satish Shet.K
M-Tech (VLSI & EMBEDDED SYSTEMS), Assistant Professor Dept. of Electronics and Communication, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bengaluru, INDIA
Abstract- Image steganography is a method of concealing information in to cover image to hide it. Least significant bit (LSB) based approach is most popular stenographic techniques in the spatial domain due to its simplicity & hiding capacity. This paper presents a novel technique for image stenography based on the LSB using X box mapping, where we have used several X boxes having unique data the embedding part is done by this steganography algorithm, where we use four unique X boxes with sixteen different values (expressed by 4 bits) &each value is mapped to 4 LSB’s of cover image. This mapping provides sufficient security to payload because without knowing mapping rules no one can extract secret data. Keywords- Steganography, Lsb Technique, Information Hiding, X-Box
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