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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-2, Issue-5  ( May, 2015 )
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Probabilistic Method For Short Text Classifier In Social Network
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R. Bakyaraj, M. Naveen Kumar
1 M.E (Final year), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai, India 2 Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai, India
In the sense of quick development in employing the internet (i.e., Communal Networking) has come to be one of the most public mass media to converse, allocate, transfer, transactions, and allocate the data amid every single customer in our daily life. Posting or commenting on a discerning Area / Confidential spans shouted Walls that could contain superfluous memo or a sensitive data. Till nowadays, Communal Web needs a little backup to this requirement. To fulfill this gap, system implementing new thoughts for permitting the online users to have a direct manipulation on messages posted on their Userwalls. This is attained across a Probabilistic method established an some constraints to permit online users to custom- make the strain criteria to be applied to their Registration and to their enduring steps, and a forge acquired-based on short classifier automatically labeling memos in prop of content-based filtering. Keywords- Bag of Words, Document Property, Contextual Features, Probability Analysis, Filtering Rule, Black Lists, Recommendation System, Trustee.
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