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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-9,Issue-6  ( Jun, 2022 )
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Remote-Control Car based on IoT using a Raspberry PI
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Tejendra Prajapati, Mahesh Parmar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, M.I.T.S., Gwalior, India
Abstract - There are many robot cars are introduced today with high technology such as IOT based. In a current scenario various technologies are used for implementing robot cars, is built with Bluetooth, WIFI, and ZigBee technology. This is the communicationtechnologyofIoTwhichworkatthedatalinklayer.Bluetoothtechnology operates on the Personal Area Network and has a range of5 to 10 meters. as well as other WIFI ZigBee operates on a local area network, whereas WIFI has a range of 4 to 20 meters and ZigBee has a range of 10to 300meters.Thistechnologyhasa very limited range. We can't control that robot car from another city using this technology. In this paper, we introduced a new prototype of a remote-control car based on IOT using a Raspberry Pi. The main aim of thiswork is to broaden its application. I used the internet network, which is a public network with cellular technology (4G). With this network, we can control our robot car (remote control car) from anywhere in the world. This level of network coverage is essential for IOT application that require data access across multiple cities or regions. The infrastructure required for cellular IOT enablement is already in place and does not require any additional investment infrastructural requirement for cellular IOT like cellular and base station are already in place. This robotic car has a several features such as It can record a person's voice using a microphone, speak using a speaker, Surveillance using a camera, and easily track its location using a GPS tracker module, this all features controlled via the internet. Keywords-Internet of Things(IOT), Raspberry pi, NGROK.
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