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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-7,Issue-6  ( Jun, 2020 )
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Study on E-Learning Effectiveness and Outcomes
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Shikha Gupta
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, India Founder, E-Traverse( Traversing Education Through Technology
Technology has redefined the way people live, eat, walk, and talk. Until now, we have technology manifesting itself in the domains of nearly every sector. From manufacturing to chemical, industrial, healthcare, and retail, technology has its hands everywhere. Amongst all, one sector that is steadily catching the attention is Education. Technology has done a commendable job to transform the existing ecosystem, its implications in the Educational background is expected to revolutionize the training models of education, restructure the tools and resources, in a way benefitting both the students and the instructors. This paper has been meticulously researched and designed to outline the effectiveness and the outcomes of fusing technology in the learning industry. It would also uncover the impact such a system would have on the society, locally as well as globally. Keywords – E-Learning in Education, Formal Learning, Informal Learning, Technologies for E-Learning, E-Learning Methodologies, Effectiveness of E-Learning
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