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Volume-6,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2019 )
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Graphic Design on Packaging for Image Presentation of Phranakhorn Si Ayutthaya
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Kamonwanmalijai, Suppawanpankohlerng, Piyawanpinkaew, Cheewinchinnadeloakvanich
Faculty of Industrial Technology, SuanSunandhaRajabhat University
Research on graphic design on packaging to present the image ofAyutthaya which is the old capital and Thai historical park was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name of "Ayutthaya Historical City and Acropolis". Therefore, it is a major tourist province of Thailand. Each community also has products that are unique to the community sold to tourists,but the product does not offer the overall image of the product in Ayutthaya Province. The researcher, therefore, sought a graphic design approach on the packaging to present the image of Ayutthaya. The research objectives are 1)To study the identity of Ayutthaya. 2)To study the products of Ayutthaya. And, 3) To study graphic design on packaging to present the image of Ayutthaya by conducting research on the number of people living in Ayutthaya both males and females aged 20 years by accidental sampling method. Research results are 1)Obtainedthe identity of Ayutthaya. Sample group responded to the questionnaire when talking about Ayutthaya, 86% of the historical sites. 2)Obtained the products that are famous and unique in Ayutthaya, 92 percent ofRotiSaimai, 84 percent of bamboo fan, 62 percent of grilled fish, 58 percent loincloth and 42 percent of ground grilled fish.3) Have designed graphicon the packaging using the image of Ayutthaya as an archaeological site. Graphic design experts have the desire to use an ancient style with realistic illustrations 42.9 percent, color pairs and opposite 71.4 percent. The researchers used the graphic design on the packaging to present the style of Ayutthaya. Keywords - Graphic Design, Packaging, Identity, Image
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