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International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science-IJAECS
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Volume-5,Issue-7  ( Jul, 2018 )
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Quantitative Analyses of Structural Constructs on Workflow Models and their Enactment Event Logs
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Minhyuck Jin, Kwanghoon Pio Kim
Collaboration Technology Research Lab. Division of Computer Science and Engineering, KYONGGI UNIVERSITY 154-42 Kwangkyosan-ro Youngtong-gu Suwon-si Kyonggi-do, 16227, Republic of Korea
The purpose of this paper is to propose a feasible approach to carry out the model-log comparison as a reasonable way of redesigning and re-engineering workflow models. At Buildtime, the modeler defines a workflow process model bycombining a selected group of structural constructs and patterns such as sequential, selective, parallel and iterative structural constructs and patterns, and such the defined is so-called a discovered workflow process model. At Runtime, the engine enacts the discovered workflow process model and records its event histories as a workflow log, and such the enacted is so-called a rediscovered workflow process model. In this paper, we scheme a new approach of the model-log comparison between the discovered and the rediscovered through performing a series of quantitative analyses on those two groups of the structural constructs and patterns arranged for the discovered workflow process model and accumulated for the rediscovered workflow process model, respectively. Finally, we make up an experimental study to prove the feasibility of the proposed approach, illustrate the quantitative analyses results by showing a series of the captured screen-shots as the outcomes of the experimental study and summarize the implications of the proposed quantitative analyses approach in redesigning and reengineering the workflow process models. Index Terms - discovered workflow process model; rediscoveredworkflow process model; model-log comparison; quantitativeanalyses; structural process constructs and patterns
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