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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Cloud Computing (IJACSCC)-IJACSCC
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Volume-3,Issue-2  ( Nov, 2015 )
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Measuring Cloud Services Standered And Strength Using Trust Management
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Deep Kothadiya
Department of computer Engineering, PIET, Vadodara, India
Now a day number of cloud services available with number of cloud service provider. While the satisfaction of user is basic goal of cloud service provider, before the selection directional as well as transparent information needed to justify strength to ensuring about the selection of service in large space of choices. Generally the selection of service base on requirement and specification isn’t more effective task. Another way to selection of the services is based on comparison but there also need some effective numerical parameter to orderlies those service with relevant and common of different services. By using Trust management we can generate a dynamic trust framework which provide a transparent exploration of different services, with number of angular approaches, like service life time, Expert rating, number of satisfied user, service marketing standard and security. Exploring all these parameter in user relevant term to get proper directional identification for selection of service to provide trustworthiness in cloud environment. And providing foot step to resolving the fuzzy band between trustworthiness and current affairs to create such a environment where the execution of technology in real world become easy. Keywords- Cloud computing, Cloud services, Trust management.
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