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Volume-1,Issue-1  ( May, 2013 )
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Vehicle Engine Locking System Using, Embedded Based GSM Technology
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V. Deepika, M. Suneel, M. Chiranjeevi, T. Satya Vijay Swamy
Dept. of Electronic & Communication Engineering, Bapatla Engineering College, Nagarjuna Universityirsity Andhra Pradesh, India
This paper mainly deals with the concept of vehicle security and how it can be implemented to the vehicle engine. The second generation (2G) GSM technology is used for sending messages to know the status of our vehicle. The main objective of this paper is to protect the vehicle from unauthorized access by giving a secure password and controlling it by using GSM technology. A four digit password is set as default, using a 4x3 keypad and is displayed on the 16x2 LCD. If in case we enter a wrong password a message is sent to the owner’s mobile number and a buzzer is heard after a delay of mili seconds time. After 3 wrong attempts, a continuous loud buzzer is heard. If we enter a correct password, the system waits for the confirmation from the owner. After receiving the confirmation, the engine starts and moves. In any case the GSM technology fails or we forget a mobile for receiving and confirmation sms we had a switch to controlthe entire system.
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