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Volume-11,Issue-1  ( May, 2023 )
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The Effect of Game-Based Learning on Students’ Learning Performance in Science Learning – A case of "Conveyance Go"
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Pratibha Pius, Yaswanth Kumar Avulapati, K. Y. Benedict
Numerous prior research has shown evidence perhaps there is a possibility that games for learning to augment both learning motivation and efficiency. Moreover, the incorporation of enriched gaming features in these games has contributed to their growing popularity in recent times. The primary objective of this study was to facilitate the acquisition of science-related ideas among elementary school students through their engagement in an educational card game known as Conveyance Go. Subsequently, A study was done to investigate the viewpoints of students about the integration of gaming in scientific education, in addition to the game's pedagogical merits in terms of academic performance. The research utilized a one-group the prior test the follow-up test design, with a sample of eighteen students in fifth grade chosen from a single primary school situated up here in the north section of Trivandrum, Kerala. The students shown favorable dispositions towards the utilization of the instructional card game as a tool for enhancing their understanding of ideas based on science.The results of our study as well as prove the usefulness of the suggested instructional game of cards in improving students' comprehension of energy and transportation from a scientific perspective. Keywords - Game-Based Learning, Stem Education, Video Game Development, Educational Card Game
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