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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-4, Issue-11  ( Nov, 2016 )
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A Critique Study on Autonomous Wireless Warfield Explosives Detection System
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Abhay Vishnoi, Deepti Shinghal, Anant Kumar, Ayushi Pal, Deeksha Sisonia
U.G. Scholars, Assistant Professor, Dept. of E&C Engg., MIT Moradabad, Ram Ganga Vihar, Phase II, Moradabad (244001), India
More than 68 counties around the world contain millions of land mines hidden beneath its ground waiting to be triggered. So there is urgent need of a system which is capable of finding and diffusing landmines. The development of new demining technologies is difficult because of the tremendous diversity of terrains and environmental conditions in which mines are laid and also, because of the wide variety of landmines. Currently, detecting and clearing mines demand specific expertise with special equipment. This paper incorporates in it the literature surveys followed by a robot prototype which is capable of detecting the land mines beneath the soil and applying counter-measures for tracking its location, while enabling the operator to control the robot wirelessly from a distance. This technology interfaces with the metal detector circuit in a robot with the array of sensors to search the landmines. The purpose of this paper is to propose a system for landmine detection by using the autonomous robots which are capable of exploring and detecting buried landmines and marking their locations. The main focus we put in this paper is to make a low cost and highly efficient system for the explosives detection. Keywords— Semi-Autonomous robot, IEDs, GPS, Landmine detection.
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