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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-4, Issue-11  ( Nov, 2016 )
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A Cross-Layer Routing Optimization Technique For Wireless Mesh Network
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Chaya Devi R, T G Basavaraju
Research Scholar SKSJTI, Bengaluru, Professor and HOD CSE Department, SKSJTI Bengaluru
Rapid growth of Smart phone devices have resulted in various multimedia based application which required strict QoS to guarantee services to its end user which the existing wireless local area network could not cope with it due to coverage restriction imposed by the regulatory body. To address this multihop based WMNs have been adopted as back haul to connect to the internet. Scheduling of slot for data access in multihop wireless is challenging task, many contention and contention less based protocol have been proposed in recent times, but they are not efficient, since they did not consider the link quality for scheduling of slot. To address this, in this work, a routing scheme is developed that consider link quality parameter by using the proposed cross layer optimization technique. The proposed cross layer design reduces packet loss and improves the QoS parameters of the network. The results show that the proposed approach effectiveness of the QoS parameters such as throughput and delay compared to existing approaches. Keywords— Mesh Network, Network layer, Radio channel measurement, TDMA, Wireless network.
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