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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-4, Issue-8  ( Aug, 2016 )
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Clustering of Email Based on Fuzzy Rule and Ontology Extraction
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Suma T, Kumara Swamy Y S
PhD scholar, Department of CSE, JJT University line 2-name of organization, acronyms acceptable Rajasthan, India Professor and Dean, Department of Computer Science &Engineering, Nagarjuna college of Engg. & Technology, VTU Karnataka, India
In today’s business world common medium of communication is email. Email is not only used in the professional way it is used in the personal interest as well. So, one of the main concern is, that user can received mails which is relevant to the user and some mail those are not all related to the user. The main thing is we need to do is to identify the important email and then make a cluster of the similar mails. Concept extraction and clustering of concept is done based on fuzzy logic, similar mail pattern is grouped in a same cluster if similarity is less than threshold value a new cluster is defined for that. From the extracted concept author establish the relationship between them and generate the result. Update the important content in the calendar which makes user tasks very easy. Keywords— OWL, Concept, Fuzzy, Ontology.
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