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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-4, Issue-6  ( Jun, 2016 )
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Autonomous Path Planning And The Navigation Of A UAV In A Constrained Environment
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N.Ramasamy, S.Sivasubramanian, S.Sathish, S.Lakshmi
Department of Electronic and communication, Tagore Engineering college, Chennai-147.
This paper is based on the control system design and the navigation system of the unmanned aerial vehicle. The UAVs are unmanned aerial vehicle. The unmanned aerial vehicle is used in many military situations such as the surveillance and for the warfare situations. The navigation management in the unmanned aerial vehicle is an important factor that the UAV must have the self-ability of the control systems. This paper is based on the spatial co-ordinate generation and the database management using the base station which is based on proportional, derivative and the integral controller. In order for a UAV to navigate safely in terrain areas and the collision between them, the spatial co-ordinate with the cellular control algorithm is installed in the avionics system. In this paper the spatial co-ordinate in cellular concept is introduced and the collision avoidance simulations in order to demonstrate its navigation and collision avoidance performance. Keyword— Distance Vector; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Spatial Co-ordinate, Yaw.
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