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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-7, Issue-10  ( Oct, 2019 )
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A Survey in Wireless Sensor Network based on Time Synchronization
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Ravi Kumar, Rajender Kumar
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India
Wireless sensor networks is the region in which small devices are spread. Time synchronization plays an important role in the sensor networks. Over the period of time wireless sensor networks has come out to be the most important research field for the scholar. Time synchronization aims to synchronizing the time of different sensor node to the root node to operate them without delay. The main factor that influence the synchronization is send time TS, receive time TR, propagation time TP, temperature change and clock design due to imperfection of quartz crystal. The paper explain different techniques, topology and synchronization algorithms to syncing the child nodes to the root node. The motive of writing this paper is to study different technique, topology and approaches to secure time synchronization and create new synchronization technique and compare the new one to the previous technique and get the better synchronization in the wireless sensor network. Keywords - Time Synchronization, Root Node, Spanning Tree, Children Find Packets, Broadcast.
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