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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-7, Issue-3  ( Mar, 2019 )
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Course in Computational Science – Overview, Outline, Relevancy, And Benefits
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S.r. Subramanya
School of Engineering and Computing, National University, San Diego, USA
Despite the tremendous advancements in computing – computer hardware, algorithm techniques, and software, there exist numerous real-world problems in a variety of areas which are overwhelmingly difficult to understand and develop optimal solutions using the conventional CS/IT techniques and traditional software methods. A new multidisciplinary area termed Computational Science which draws upon and integrates techniques from mathematics, numerical methods, computer science, simulation, statistical methods, data science, data visualization, etc. is emerging that facilitates the understanding of complex problems, and provides tools and frameworks to solve complex real–world problems. Recognizing the need to satisfy the demand for workforce trained in elements of computational science, a several higher education institutions are offering courses, certifications, and programs related to Computational Science or Computational Science and Engineering. This paper presents an overview of computational science as a discipline, an overview of a course in computational science that we have developed, and highlights of the relevancy and benefits of computational science course(s) and program(s). Keywords- Computational science, scientific computing, interdisciplinary, courses and programs.
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