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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-6, Issue-9  ( Sep, 2018 )
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Intelligent Traffic Control System using Density based Estimation Algorithms
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Sweswewin, Wutyiwin, Memeko
Mechatronic Engineering Department, Mandalay Technological University, The Republic of Union of Myanmar
The traffic congestion is a daily occurrence problem throughout the world. This intelligent traffic control system (ITCS) intends to work more effectively the traffic control for the four-way intersection. This system is a vehicle-actuated signal type control system such that traffic cycle time can be varied and related to the actual demands by traffic. The traffic video file at a station in Mandalay is utilized for the experimental test and traffic density area on the road is used as the input data for controller of the system. The density areas on both directions of the analyzed road are calculated by using contour, moment and area-based calculation image processing algorithms. Depending on sum of the amount of density area on both directions, three types of traffic cycle times are determined such as 30 sec, 45 sec and 60 secs. This research is desired to improve the system by reducing waste of time based on traffic density area. Keywords - Contour, Moment, Area-Based Calculation Algorithm, Traffic Cycle Time, Density Based Traffic Control System.
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