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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-6, Issue-5  ( May, 2018 )
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Wireless Sensor Network Application in Monitoring Mine Gas using ZIGBEE Technology
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Sarda Sharma, B.K. Pal
M. Tech, 2Professor, Mining Engineering, NIT Rourkela
Wireless sensor network Without doubt, has saved many lives from highly poisonous and dangerously flammable gas in underground mining areas. At various location the Concentration of mine gases found at any time may vary due to different factors like turbulent dispersion, diffusion and leakage in the subsurface ventilation systems. Therefore, it is important to deploy sensors to measure and monitor toxic and flammable gas concentration levels in subsurface atmosphere for the safety of mines as well as underground miners. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have earned a significant worldwide attention in current scenario. A WSN is a special ad-hoc, multihop and self-organizing network that consists of a large number of nodes arranged in a wide area in order to monitor the phenomena of interest. Apart from real time gas monitoring system, WSN is useful in various other areas medical, environmental, scientific and military applications .A realtime monitoring systems may assist in monitoring and control over the mining environment. Zigbee technology offers its most of the advantages ideal for the real-time monitoring system. Thus, the primary objective is to design an efficient realtime monitoring system so that various leaked mine gases could be identified at times and preventive measures could be devised accordingly. Keywords - Wireless sensor network, turbulent dispersion, gas monitoring system, Zigbee technology, underground mining areas.
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