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International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)-IJACEN
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Volume-2,Issue-9  ( Sep, 2014 )
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Implementation Of Secure Point To Point Wireless Network By Integrating PKDS And Secret Key
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Parinitha.J, Natya.S, Savitha.S.C
Asst professor M.S.E.C, Bangalore
Implementation of secure point to point wireless network by integrating public key distribution system (PKDS) and secret key is one method to encrypt the messages to cipher texts. There are already many methods which are used to encrypt the plain texts, but how much safely, securely and confidentially they are encrypted is the most crucial challenge that we are facing. As the technology is developing in wireless communication, different ways of hacking are also increasing. Here we are proposing a Diffie-Hellman PKDS, an asymmetric key algorithm which adopts a stream cipher technique which is also asymmetric key algorithm to encode the data with the help of a pseudo random number sequence. We also use two other secret key algorithms called blowfish and triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) with the stream ciphering technique RC4, and compare all the three encryption technique. Implementation is done using cloud computing.
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